About project

We are glad to welcome you! ART for SOUL is a unique international project of spiritual art. This is the art that elevates consciousness!

Our online gallery and exhibitions include works of authors of various confessions and different countries of the world. Here you will find works of painting, sculpture, music, dance, theater, photo and film art, literature, design, decorative and applied arts.

Our activities include exhibitions and various events in the field of art.

Opportunities for authors and site visitors:

  • To present their work to a wide audience;
  • Get in touch with spiritual art in the site’s gallery or at exhibitions;
  • Share your knowledge and experience in the field of art;
  • Acquire or deepen knowledge and skills with real professionals;
  • Find partners for creative collaboration;
  • Find buyers for your works;
  • Make the world more beautiful, please others and elevate consciousness with the help of spiritual art!